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Graffiti this! Part Two

Back with Lexi and Titouan, I gotta say that I like this young lads ass as he walks behind Titouan to a secluded area where they can fuck in private.

Rio Silver and Theo S.

Theo quickly works his way down Rio\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'s body and stops only when he frees the throbbing cock from Rio\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'s jeans.

Three Explosive Cum Shots

Andrew has a handsome natural body without tattoos, and he is also a dominant top who doesn’t take it easy on Jed. They suck each other’s cocks before Andrew takes Jed by his ass and slips his dick deep inside.

Alex Andrews, Austin Wilde

It\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'s the photo shoot for the next scene with Austin and Alex.

Gorgeous Andy Shoots A Huge Load - DominicPacifico

Andy is a gorgeous young bisexual jock with a totally hot bod, an incredible ass and a massive load of semen in his balls

Three’s Company

Two is fun, but three\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'s a party.

When Girls Are Away, Straight Boys Will Stray…And Play!

Mateo Locatti is horny. The trouble is, his girlfriend is away. So, without her to satisfy his needs, the bearded guy decides to watch porn. But that’s not enough. So he invites Ricky Jackson over

Josh & Romeo

It is not even 5 seconds after they exit the car and they are all over each other.

Alex Ryan and Damon Dogg

Alex Ryan, a furry black daddy with a rock hard fuck rod


Lewis finally gets a chance to plow the ass he\\\\\\\'s been admiring for so long.

Marcus Mojo, Tommy D

Tommy\\\\\\\'s always getting the hot pieces of ass.


Fucking & Swapping Loads with Aiden

Jeremy Roddick & Chase Nailor

Has one of the nicest and hungriest ass I have ever seen.

Mark Returns For Some Dick - Blake Mason

Mark getting the jizz fucked out of him by a sweaty Tony is hot!

Dominik Belko & Josh Barnett

Dominik shoves his thick cock harder and harder into Josh\\\\\\\'s willing ass.


Stumbling across the nearly-nude Tate, Tom doesn\\\\\\\'t hesitate

Brady Fucks Lance

Lance Alexander gets fucked in the kitchen by Brady Jensen

Diesel Washington And Sean Duran,

Diesel works all 10\\\\\\\" of his massive cock inside Sean\\\\\\\'s ass

Isaac Hardy And Justin Dean Bareback

bareback sex, nothing taste better than a huge cock raw

Lance & Sean

nothing sexier than two hot slabs of man meat catching some rays

Manhattan Latin - Scene 1

Pedro and bearded hunk Larmartim get together for some hot tropical sex

The Lost 3-way

Austin and Zane manage to power through and get the job done!

Ben Kieren

Blonde muscle stud Ben Kieren showers and strokes

Junior Price and Tyson Tyler

a hot mix of dark skin, dirty talk and massive cocks


Darius Ferdynand and Jake Kelvin

Who hasn’t fantasized about going into a sleazy sex club or sauna and picking up a stranger to fuck? This (like many of the scenes and movies on UKHotJocks) is pure fantasy from us, JP and Sam. The thing about saunas is that you never know who you’re going to meet, or what they’re going to be into. I suppose that’s part of the whole thrill, the smell of sex in the air, the chlorine from the jacuzzi and the sounds of other guys letting their inhibitions go. Nervous Jake has take his first trip to a gay sauna and meets the sexy and in-control Darius. There’s a connection immediately between the two when they share some eye contact in the showers, nothing to hide in there, it’s all on display. Taking the fun elsewhere, they meet in a room designed for one thing only. There’s some seriously hot sensual and sleazy chemistry between these guys. Midway through, Darius pulls out a monolith of a dildo, over a foot in length getting as wide as a fist towards the bottom. Trooper Jake takes all he can, one giant bump at a time. Enough of the toys, Darius wants to fuck Jake’s perfect muscle butt. The padded tiers make for some fun and invasive positions, this is one sweaty fuck-fest of a scene!

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Hayden F, Tommy D

Watch these two buddies make out, suck and then finally fuck

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Worked Over: Scene 1: Dirk Caber & Marcus Ruhl

With his cock jutting in the air, dark-haired Marcus Ruhl kisses Dirk Caber—whose salt-and-pepper beard grazes the stud’s scruffy face. Dirk rubs his hand down the jock’s bod, propping up his boner. Dirk licks Marcus’s chest, working his way down to lick up his shaft as the foreskin slides up. Dirk nibbles it, sucking Marcus deep. Spit slides down Marcus’s thick shaft and balls, dripping to the couch. Dirk’s throbber leaks as he sucks, a glistening strand of precum clinging to his mushroom head and dripping down. They kiss, Dirk standing up to feed Marcus—who takes it to the bush. Dirk lies on the couch as the sucker works, Dirk pumping his face from below and beating his boner on Marcus’s chest. Dirk works his own nips, his steel-shaft pulsing as it gets released from Marcus’s tight lips. Dirk buries his face in his bud’s hole, then fucks him from behind. Marcus sits on the top and rides, the two staring into each other’s eyes as Dirk flashes a smile. Marcus gets on his back for more, Dirk grabbing the bottom’s pec before the two release.

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Brad & Morgan

There’s nothing TIM Exclusive Brad McGuire likes more than a nice submissive hole to use for his infamously massive uncut meat. Morgan Black is normally a top himself so it takes a while for his tight hole to open up to Brad’s hard drill fucking, but soon enough the incomparable topman has turned Morgan into another one of his cumdumps, ass-up begging for that alpha male seed.

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Bareback Fuck & Cum

Bareback Fuck & Cum

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Justin Owen gets his ass plowed by Lance Luciano

I love this kid. That was the one phrase that Lance kept uttering over and over again between takes on his scene with Justin Owen. Justin kept waxing poetic over how beautiful Lance was and how he wanted to have his body. Lance did not know how to deal with all of this praise, so he decided to take it all out on Justin sexually. Justin was happy to comply. The two started to blow each other, going back and forth, almost competing to see who could suck better. Then the rimming started and Justin tongued Lance and got his hole all hot and bothered. Then Justin crawled up on Lance and sat right on his face. Justin should register his ass with the FDA, because his hole is like a drug. And once Lance got a taste, he became a fucking junkie. He told Justin he wanted to fuck him right then and there. He bent Justin and his smooth body over the coffee table and slid his dick in. Justin told me later, that it felt so good he almost came right away. Next Lance grabbed Justin by the legs and fucked him hard while Justin balanced on the edge of the couch with his arms. Lance fucked him so hard, he fell over onto the couch. Lance was not done with him. He made Justin sit on his cock until he shot a hot load all over the place. Then Lance pulled out and shot his own load. Justin made sure his mouth was right down there to lap it all up as his cum shot out of his cock. Covered in cum the two kissed passionately, ending one of the hottest scenes this year at Randy Blue. This is the way gay porn was meant to be.

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Mike Buffalari

Brooklyn stud Mike Buffalri poses, flexes and strokes in the Loft.

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Raw Bareback Flip-Fucking

With only one scene under his belt at Lucas Entertainment, Michael Lachlan is already on his way to becoming a fan favorite. He’s super handsome, has an incredible body, and most of all, his fat uncut dick is nothing short of drool-worthy. And, at long last, we get to see Michael use it as he should: by fucking a bottom long, hand and raw. The lucky guy to take his cock — it’s none other than Seth Treston, and is there’s anyone who likes to take a bare ride, it’s him! Michael gets his dick serviced by Seth’s mouth first, and when he’s rock-hard he pumps Seth’s ass, who then flips with Michael and fuck him up his ass raw too!

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First Time, Part 1 – Chapter 1

We are about to give you a whole new perspective on Badminton. Diesel and Abel are demonstrating how to properly serve up a good shuttlecock. Diesel has had many fantasies in the past but refrained from acting upon them. Today, seeing Abel in his tight swimsuit and glistening body makes it impossible to concentrate on where you want your shuttlecock to go. Abel invites Diesel into his home, but Diesel is feeling a rush of emotions, excitement, nervous, passion, fear all swirling around him as Abel does his best to help him to relax. After much encouragement Abel is able to get Diesel to drop his shorts and he soon finds how amazing it is to have a man suck on your cock. The pleasure has consumed him and he can hardly believe he waited this long for such pleasure. Not only has his pleasure peeked so has his curiosity, Diesel wants to know what it is like to suck another man’s cock. He clumsily attempts to mimic Abel but finds that he has much to learn. Abel is very patient with Diesel and encourages him every step of the way. Soon Diesel is catching on. Abel places a condom on Diesel’s fat cock and tells him that he wants him to fuck him. Diesel states that he has never done this before and again Abel assures him that he will tutor him through it. And once again Diesel is overly impressed with the sensation that he is feeling. Not the only one to be feeling great levels of pleasure, Abel’s cock is rock hard and his balls are building up a huge load. Diesel has now worked up the courage to try and be fucked. Abel has positioned himself so that Diesel can sit down on his cock and have full control. Diesel has one last question before they begin, “is it going to hurt” and the reply is the same one that we have all given, “no, trust me”. Diesel begins to descend upon Abel and soon realizes that he must first cross the threshold of pain before he can enter the valley of pleasure. Once he has crossed the threshold he finds that the more he relaxes the more pleasure he finds. Abel has been reading Diesel’s body language and sees that he is ready for more. He begins a slow and deliberate rhythm that continues to build until Diesel is no longer able to hold back. His heavy balls force his creamy load up his shaft while his prostate is being massaged to complete perfection. He erupts his hot, thick load with sheer and utter delight. Abel feels his pleasure and joins him in exploding his hot load as well. Remember the amazing sensations of your first fuck?

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Alec Winfield & Alexi Sin

You might know already that I have a big thing for European boys!

Since I needed my monthly dosage of it, I called my polish friend Alexi and asked him if he would like to do a little scene for my website. He has gorgeous blue eyes, a tiny waist line and he is totally unconscious of his beauty. My favorties! I asked him which models he would be most comfortable with for his first hardcore scene ever, and voila! Alexi picked Alec without any hesitations. Did he pick Alec for his boyish charm or his big totem?

Alec is a pro and I was happy to pair him with rookie Alexi for a scene that ended up being one of the best scene I have done so far. You can see Alexi transform from shy and reserved into an uninhibited insatiable moaning bottom. He really has everything that makes me horny!

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